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Couple Questions with Wilmington Head Coach Jeff Reents

What does Wilmington Football mean to you?

First I am a small part of a lot of different people that have put forth a lot of work to make this program successful. We are very big on being a team that plays very hard, but not to cross the line to being unsportsman like. We believe in running the football, stopping the run, and playing good specials.

What does Owen Weaver mean to your team?

He is one of the best players I have coached. He is great on both sides of the ball, and can be a game changer on any play. He is a great leader by example.

How good is I.C.?

They will be one of the best teams I have coached against in my 23 years. They are so explosive on offense, and are well coached in all areas.

When your kids graduate from Wilmington High School, what do you want them to take away from playing for you?

First a foremost be a person of great integrity. I hope we instill in them that nothing is free, and you need to have a great work ethic to make great accomplishments. And what it means to be a great teammate, and in all facets of life.

I have coached against your team and I can you have the best disciplined team in the state of Illinois, What makes your program so sucessful?

I appreciate your kind words. I think we take a lot of pride in making sure we put great emphasis on the little things. Being very good at the fundamentals. We want to keep the game simple and have our kids play fast.

Tell me about the town of Wilmington ?

Great small community. They take a lot of pride, and have great enthusiasm for the football program.


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