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Lyons Township Head Coach Kurt Weinberg Q&A

What do you see as the biggest challenge on stopping Glenbard West Football this Friday?

Being to be able to withstand the pressure that they put on you on both sides of the ball. They play all out 100% of the time so we must match their intensity to give ourselves a chance.

What does LT Football mean to you ?

Family. We love our players past and present. It is a blessing to work in such a great place with such great kids.

what is key to the success that has helped this program?

See above answer. When someone fells part of a family, there is not a lot they won’t do. Commitment is a natural side effect of having a family atmosphere.

What do you want your kids to take away from playing football for LT?

That it is all worth it. Hard work is not as valued as it used to be in this world. Our boys get to see that good things happen when they pour themselves into something bigger than self.

Positive comments on Glenbard West Football Players and Coach Hetlet?

He/ they have set the standard. They are extremely well coached and they come at you 100 mph. They have tremendous sustained success and that is the truest measure of any organization

You guys are 4-0... Any thoughts to that?

I’m very proud of our start but at 1:30 in Glen Ellyn we will find out how good we really are. This team is different than anyone we have played so far.

What is the most important thing right now that you stress with your players right now being part of the WSC Race?

1-0. Don’t think past the game that is right in front of you.


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