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Collection of 2 Interviews with Matt Bowen

This is a collection of Twitter Interview Questions with Coach Big Pete of Deep Dish Football and Matt Bowen ESPN Analyst and Immaculate Conception High School Secondary Coach

Also Glenbard West Graduate, Iowa Alum, and EX-NFL Player

Thank You to Matt Bowen for doing 2 Twitter Interviews with Coach Big Pete of Deep Dish Football

The Man is nothing but Class, and a top football mind

Coach Big Pete: What concerns you about the future of football in high schools?

Matt Bowen: There are risks. And injuries. But there are also so many rewards. Teaching tools for life. Things I still lean on today. And we, as coaches, are working to make the game as safe as possible. New tackling techniques. More education of injuries.

CBP : What do you think about rugby style of tackle?

MB: We teach it at IC Just turn on the Seahawks tape and watch Sherman or Chancellor. It works. It's proven. And it allows guys to still play a physical brand of football while keeping the game safe. That's key.

CBP: Would you say Glenbard West Football Program help you made you the man you are today in some way?

MB: No question. GBW program teaches accountability, toughness, maturity. Allowed me to develop on/off the field... And Coach Jim Covert is one of the best. Still close with my HS head coach. And still lean on him today.

CBP: What is your most memorable game at Glenbard West, that makes you smile?

MB: Junior season vs. York. Down 14-0 the entire game. Coach goes off at halftime, breaks the chalkboard. Challenged us We score 3 TDs in the 4th. Deep ball over the top. Speed option. And then get a fumble on kickoff. Go in for another 6.

CBP: If you could talk to a 17 year Old Matt Bowen, What would you say to your younger self?

MB: 17-year old self? College & NFL ball are great. But nothing compares to the high school game. It's truly unique. Too many HS players talk about "Going D1." Enjoy the process. Enjoy your team. Enjoy your time in HS. "D1" can wait.

CBP: Now, when I coached last season I kept hearing about this kid RB Jordan Rowell good but also very humble, What can you say about him?

MB: Jordan Rowell is a rare talent. And he'll play D1 football. But more importantly, his teammates love him. And his ceiling is off the charts. He's still developing

CBP: Tell me more about IC and what are your feelings on small school football?

MB: Love the program. High energy, teaching, development. Our head coach, Bill Kreft, is special. He gets it. The players? This is a outstanding group. They work. They push. And they are coachable. Love the relationships. Small school football? Our State Quarterfinal game in '15 at Princeton was one of best atmospheres I ever experienced

CBP: After your football career you did something a little weird, you went back to school.... Why?

MB: Needed a bridge, a transition into the real world. And I wanted a new challenge. One of the best decisions I ever made.

CBP: What would you tell the High School Football player who is trying to get recruited?

MB: College coaches want leaders. That means on the field, in the classroom and inside the school building. Let the game film, your grades and your accountability at school tell the story.

CBP: What do Parents need to understand about the recruiting process that they don't know?

MB: The game tape doesn't lie...And specialization in sports or personal training doesn't change that.

CBP: What is most important things in life to Matt Bowen?

MB: Family...And finding the right balance in life. For me, that was getting back on the field at IC. The opportunity to coach at IC allowed me to get back into an competitive environment. Needed that.

Thank You Mr.Bowen

Matt Bowen with his Defensive Backs


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