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Questions with Coach Kohl

Q & A with Bradley Bourb Head Coach Kohl DEEP DISH FOOTBALL GOTW with Coach Big Pete​ Had Coach Kohl answer some questions about the upcoming game. Do have to say Coach Kohl is coach to look out for, very respected and great guy. What do you see as the biggest challenge on stopping Bolingbrook this Friday? The challenge is playing really good athletes that are really well coached! They are tough/physical program that is known throughout the state of Illinois. What does Boliermaker Football mean to you ? It means a lot to me. Graduated from here in 1993 and had tremendous experience. Go beat by Mike Alstott and JCA in 1991 in the quarterfinals. My wife and I both graduated from here—and both are back here now in education trying to give back to what we were given. what is key to the success that has helped this program? The key to success is pretty simple—our staff loves the young men in our program! We expect a lot—and love the heck out of our players. What do you want your kids to take away from playing football for B-B? Life lessons- Commitment/ Perseverance/ Dealing with adversity/ competing and never giving up….. and leaving knowing that there is so much more than HS football. Positive comments on Bolingbroolk Football Players and Coach Ivlow? 100% respect for Coach Ivlow and his program. He does a tremendous job with the kids and has a great staff. You guys are 4-0... Any thoughts to that? Excited to be where we are. The young men in our program have picked right up where we left off last year losing in the Semi Final game. What is the most important thing right now that you stress with your players right now being week 5? Assignement and Alignment will beat you before talent. We have to know our assignments/ and we have to start the play right by lining up right. Explain to me the atmosphere of a BB Home Football Game? I don’t know if you will find a better atmostphere in the state. Our band is awesome—we have sold out crowds--- it is a special place!


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